How to Supply Documents to Us

Supplying documents is not that difficult. We have many secure and convenient ways to do so. Here are just a few tips that will help us save time when working on your return or advisory services:

  1. Label the document what it is
    • Many times when you download a document, the initial name is not going to be very intuitive. If you provide us with last years profit and loss statement for your business, a good example of a label for this is, “Tycoon Holdings-Profit-and-loss 2024”
  2. Only provide us with common file types
    • file types like pdf, excel files (.xlxs), or word documents are preferred. Please do not send us a png
  3. Use our sharefile folder we email to you, or deliver the document in person.
    • This is going to be the securest way for us to receive and for you to deliver documents.
  4. If you scan a document for us, be sure of a few things
    • Is it legible? Have you changed the name to what it is? Is it a proper size (8.5″ 11″ or 11″17″)? Etc
  5. Lastly, if you have any questions, our office is only a phone call away and we are happy to help 🙂
    • We enjoy saving you time and making the process as convenient as possible.