Best Practices Series

Featuring Our Annual Maintenance Programs

Kramr CPA & Advisors, PC offers an Annual Maintenance Programs that we call our “Best Practices Series”, which offers two main plans—Advisory Services and Maintenance Services.

Our Best Practice Series was developed to provide businesses with all of the tools and information necessary to run properly and effectively. A description of each follows.

Best Practice Series—Advisory Services

This series offered by Kramr CPA & Advisors is a comprehensive system developed to address all tax planning needs in an advisory role. It consists of three essential components:

1.  Base-Level Best Practices – This is the starting point for all businesses and will educate you about all the necessary components of running a business. Concepts include compliance, operations and documentation, cash flow planning, and income/expenses strategies.

2. Additional Best Practices – This component is the natural next step for growing   your business and taking on more advanced topics such as: Independent contractor v. employee, rental property operations, and social security and retirement planning.

3. Custom Best Practices – Since no two businesses are exactly the same, we partner with you to develop and implement custom planning for more complex issues when the need arises. This may take the course of several months and include assistance from additional trusted third-party professionals to handle some of the components.

Best Practice Series—Maintenance Services

Kramr CPA & Advisors’ Best Practice Series—Maintenance Services is considered compliance work, which is a necessity in today’s business environment.

Our team is positioned to take on the entire scope of payroll and tax compliance, which allows business owners to focus on their core business and alleviate the stress of trying to be an accountant.

Our team will develop an accurate and efficient system to handle all payroll and tax compliance needs. This system is dependent on the above-mentioned Advisory Services and other planning work that we do with each of our clients.  One component cannot exist without the other, but this allows for a seamless integration of planning processes into compliance matters.

For more information about Kramr CPA & Advisors PC’s Annual Maintenance Programs—Best Practice Series:

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